LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

gold melding at a mine

  • can't mine this hard dark stone?

    thanks everyone: well thats dissapointing i wanted to keep mining down also i have never found any gems yet diamonds etc , just red stone, gold and plenty of iron. i'm mining now in a strht line right above the bedrock now looking for a natural cavern or if i'm lucky a diamond

  • warcraft iii: reign of chaos

    anyways,from your starting point,head north till you see a gold mine which unfortunaly has only 2000 gold left.entangle it and harvest the whatever troops you can and upgrade whatever upgrades you can afford.once the gold mine has collapsed,travel east.there's another gold mine a short way from your current location but again with

  • best way to gather research points quickly and efficiently

    just keep playing. pick up tracks, break parts, mine, gather. i want to do a massive increase. the thing is, its very expensive melding materials of guiding lands. takes like 2400 for 10 parts exchange.

  • u.n. warns of e-waste in developing world

    printed wiring boards may be leached of gold by melting them in molten lead-tin solder over coal-fired grills and then subjecting them to acid baths. once all recoverable metals are extracted, the

  • hub gold bricks

    jimmy will say hi, then run inside the supply closet. to get him out, you'll need some plant toxin. the canister is easily assembled. to get the red flower, go to the foreground and melt the gold trophies and assemble the pieces into a rotator for the statue. turn it to the left, then hang from it so the laser goes to the music player, which

  • why did i have 0% mining chance?

    i have mined clusters and one star stuff like darksteel and gold ore. i'm wearing full miner's green gear hq, unmelded. so i decided to mine the one star grade 3 topsoil at thanalan but apparently it had 0% chance, btw, i haven't 'discovered' the topsoil so it said 'unknown' on it. however, the water cluster that was also there had 0% but i

  • guild alchemy: ticket melding

    gold and astral are the best because they are always a level 4 decoration, as far as i can tell. steel and silver are less useful, because they are level 1 through level 3 stuff. so i would say use it while you can, as it may be just a special holiday only thing.

  • mandolin orange

    lyrics to 'take this heart of gold' by mandolin orange. take this heart of gold, and melt it down i'll come around. i'll come around i'm treading lightly in your eyes and honey i can't live a lie but a life without you could never steal me now

  • can someone explain mining?

    these, while not mandatory to start mining, are needed to mine effectively. the prospector limpets tell you what metals are present in the asteroid, and what the ratio is. for example if you hit a asteroid with a prospector limpet, it will tell you it is made of 55% silver and 45% gold.

  • luigi's mansion: dark moon

    melt the ice off of the painting, then use the dark-light on the painting to get a sapphire you can also melt the nearby snowman head with it for five coins, and you can go south and melt the snow off the tree quicker with the vacuum and kick it again to find two golden crows again worth 50 gold. go north and inside, then down the elevator.

  • spent a gold wyverian print

    spent my gold wyverian print on the nergigante gem, cause i dont like the fight. the gem was all i needed for the last upgrade in my weapon, or so i thought. turned out, i needed exactly one more talon because i miscounted on the reward screen. i went and fought him again, and got a gem from the very next fight. now ill need to grind for

  • no eson of mine

    beneath the first place you rescue people is a gold wall. carve a shape out of it with a heat beam to free the card. minikit 6: heat beam: near the dock where the civilians get on the escape ship is a gold box. melt it with a heat beam to find a button. step on it three times to get three different items from the water. the last is what

  • any tips to get rathalos medulla?

    meld one? it's not that easy. no one even knows what ingredients are needed for melding rathalos medulla. by the way tc, you don't carve specific body parts to get the parts you want; it does not matter where you carve, the materials gained will always be random. if you want to increase your chances though, you just need to 'break' the monster

  • where can i find gold ore to mine?

    i've found lots of gold ore in a mine near markarth. i can't remember the name. it's right outside if you travel on the main road. user info: virtuallyskywar. virtuallyskywar - 7 years ago 0 0. yea the name if that mine is kolskeggr mine and it's full of gold ore but it's also swarming with forsworn so go prepared.

  • challenges

    on attilan, you'll find this on the mid-level section. if the gold brick monument is at 12 o'clock, this is at about 5 o'clock. in nueva york, this is at street level, pretty much at the back end of the main street that runs from the front to the back of the district. in asgard, and this one is pretty obvious, quite visible amongst the rubble.

  • terra's reports

    terra's reports. this section contains terra's reports whose contents are supposed to be completed after clearing mirage arena.remember that if you choose standard mode difficulty, you have to complete the whole reports to unlock the secret movie.